We tell your story through the media, video, social networks and online.

We tell your story through the media, video, social networks and online.

Getting great media coverage, winning awards, putting your organisation in the video spotlight – all can have a significant impact on your profile… and your profit.

Such outstanding results can only be achieved by first-rate PR professionals – people with an inside track on the world of media and quality content creation, along with the commitment to look after your brand as if it were their own.

That’s the Shepherd PR approach. We call it ‘Bright Thinking’.

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Shepherd PR

Shepherd PR’s bright thinking means we adopt a joined-up approach. We link traditional PR with online strategy and video to create a cost-effective solution which ensures your business shines.
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Shepherd Video

Shepherd Video

In the online world, high quality video is vital to tell your story to a global audience. Some of the brightest brands in the UK turn to Shepherd Video for innovative, creative, eye-catching films.
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Shepherd Austria

Shepherd PR Austria

For Austrian businesses seeking that crucial public profile in the UK, the route has never been easier with our international expertise and a dedicated office near 
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