Social Media

Social Media


The digital age represents the biggest revolution for the media industry since the hot metal press. As a result, social media has the potential to take your business to new heights.

There’s a good deal of hype surrounding the value of social media for businesses and organisations. The truth is it works, but it must be tailored to the individual needs of a specific company. It must also be based on timely, quality content that is appropriate and relevant. Quality, not quantity, is the answer.

We started to work in the field of social media and online SEO back in 2008 – making us one of the first PR companies to move into this area.

Since then we’ve been working with a wide-range of organisations – including blue chip companies, trade bodies and SMEs – helping to develop their social media strategy and implementing its day-to-day running.

This experience and extensive track record means we understand what works, based on real world experience, and we focus on results that matter.

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