BCGA’s Nitrous Oxide Update


The British Compressed Gases Association has led calls for a ban on the retail sale of Nitrous Oxide, while protecting its legitimate use in industry and healthcare.

The trade body’s CEO, Ellen Daniels, said: “We welcome the government’s new measures around the misuse of Nitrous Oxide and look forward to seeing more details on how the ban will be implemented.

“As a trade body, and experts in the sector, we have been campaigning for almost three years for a change in the law that would drive down Nitrous Oxide abuse and protect the public from the dangers of its misuse.

“Misusing Nitrous Oxide can cause permanent damage to the central nervous system including loss of peripheral feeling, loss of motor control and paralysis. In some cases, it can be fatal.”

Ellen Daniels is quoted in the Government’s announcement.

BCGA has more information on its campaign here.

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