Female acousticians celebrate International Women in Engineering Day



Female acousticians from across the Association of Noise Consultants (ANC) network came together to mark International Women in Engineering Day (INWED).

Colleagues in the industry collaborated to celebrate the event, with activities including a social media ‘take over’ held over three days in the run-up to the event.

Sarah Barnes, assistant acoustic consultant at Adnitt Acoustics, Angela Lamacraft, principal acoustic consultant at ACCON UK and Vicky Stewart, associate acoustic consultant at Atkins, each hosted the ANC channels for a day.

As well as documenting their work in acoustics, they introduced content from fellow female ANC members, including Sue Bird MBE, Anne Budd, Helen Sheldon, Eleanor Girdziusz and Jo Miller.

The collaboration concluded with a presentation to members, which was held as part of the ANC’s interim meeting, which took place on the day of INWED, on the 23 June.

Sarah Barnes, Vicky Stewart, Eleanor Girdziusz, Louise Beamish, Reena Mahtani and Anne Budd gave the presentation to members, showing prominent issues including the gender pay gap, and potential reasons why young women are not joining the industry and exploring STEM careers.

Vicky Stewart, who chairs the ANC’s Future Acousticians committee, which is tasked with promoting equality, inclusion and diversity in the sector, said: “INWED is an important day for every woman working in STEM and the social media take over and the presentation to members gave us a great platform to talk about it to a wide audience.

“Through videos, case studies and slides on social media and our talk at the interim meeting we were able to show the huge impact women make in acoustics.”

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