Innsbruck’s sights and culture just a click away


COVID-19 has put a pause on travel to date but, if Innsbruck is one of your must-dos for 2020, then the latest technology is in place to bring the stunning destination in a digital format to you, in the comfort of your own home.

Innsbruck Virtual Reality makes it possible to take a personalised journey around the Capital of the Alps, taking in the unique urban and alpine charms of the city.

In just a few clicks viewers can take in the sights and sounds of the Old Town – experiencing the culture of traditional dancing and live music.

Viewers can listen to the brass band play in front of the Golden Roof, the Wilten Boys Choir sing at the Hofkirche Court Church or watch modern dancing in the Imperial Palace.

There is also a sneak peek of the wonders and arts at the Swarovski Crystal Worlds, as well as the chance to explore the animals at the Alpine Zoo.

The technology can also take viewers 2,000 metres up to the top of the Nordkette mountain, where options include absorbing the incredible 360-degree views in time lapse, climbing through via ferrata ropes or even hang-gliding down through the incredible vistas.

Peter Unsinn, Head of Market Management at Innsbruck Tourism, said: “Innsbruck Virtual Reality is a great taster of the city and we hope it will leave viewers wanting more.

“What makes Innsbruck truly unique is the quick access from city centre to nature, within just a few minutes you can be in the mountains.

“This versatility is reflected in the choice of virtual reality experiences the website offers, from sightseeing in the city, to mountain biking, hang-gliding and high-altitude climbing.

“Furthermore, we want to bring the Innsbruck region alive via virtual reality, meaning all the videos have an active component and we hope it inspires people on what to do and experience on their next trip to Innsbruck.”

The 12 different virtual reality sessions are available to view on phones, tablets and computers, as well as VR headsets.

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