New ANC guide sets the direction in sound measurement of rooms


The Association of Noise Consultants (ANC) has produced a new document, offering guidance on the appropriate methods of measuring sound within a building.

A working party of ANC members has produced the technical note ‘Measurement of Sound Levels in Buildings’ which is available for free download from the Association’s website.

The new guide draws on two previous documents, Part 1: Noise from Building Services, as well as Part 2: Noise from External Sources (e.g. traffic noise) within Buildings, both of which were produced in 1997, reprinted in 2012, and have now been withdrawn.

Nigel Burton, of Temple Group, is a member of the working group behind the new document. He said: “Since the ANC guidelines were first written in the 1990s, International

Standards and other guidance have been published that cover measurement of sound in buildings from a variety of s

ources and frequency ranges.

“However, the measurement of sound inside buildings from general external sources has not received much attention.

“These guidelines, produced for suitably qualified persons with appropriate skills, knowledge and experience with measuring equipment, have been developed to address that gap.”

Chair of the ANC, Dan Saunders, of Clarke Saunders, is also a member of the working party group. He said: “The guidelines aim to help consultants to determine the most suitable method for measuring sound levels in rooms.

“They are intended to assist in situations where a project specification or requirement does not provide another specific measurement methodology.

“The guidelines cover sources of sound that are inside or outside the building, or room in question, and seek to guide the reader towards appropriate standards and guidance.

“In the absence of reference to another specification, the ANC simple method is proposed for specifying and measuring the sound inside a building.”

The guide can be found at

Other members contributing their expertise as part of the working party are Dan Doherty of Sweco, Jack Harvie-Clark of Apex Acoustics and Chris McNeillie of Cass Allen.

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