Terra Nova steps up to the mark with new trekking pole range


WITH SPRINGTIME walking season on the horizon, outdoor adventure specialists Terra Nova Equipment has developed a new range of specialist trekking poles to make all-terrain trekking easier, safer and more enjoyable. 

Adventure Tourer trekking pole lifestyle

Adventure Tourer trekking pole

Designed to the highest standard professional specifications, the Terra Nova range features:

  • lightweight 7075 aluminium alloy to ensure maximum strength and stability with minimum weight
  • handles moulded in comfortable yet durable EVA with soft wrist straps for added security
  • clip locks to ensure quick and secure pole height adjustment, even when wearing gloves
  • removable trekking basket and protective rubber ferrule for the tungsten tip.
  • Most styles are also available individually, enabling walkers to buy one or a pair of poles as required

The range includes the three-section Adventure Tourer which features a traditional style sturdy T-bar handle designed for use as a walking stick or for extra stability when tackling different terrains.

Stats: maximum adjustable length 95cm, packed length 50cm, weight 280grams, price £22 per pole.

The Trail Elite is the ultimate lightweight stowaway trekking pole for endurance walking and foreign expeditions. This three-section compact pole folds down to just 33cm to allow carriage in a rucksack or for packing in a case.

Stats: maximum adjustable length128cm, weight 274 grams, price £30 per pole.

The Trail Lite is a classic lightweight trekking pole which should suit most people’s requirements for walking and trekking. The three section pole has a maximum adjustable length of 135cm and contracts to less than half that length.

Stats: packed length 62.5cm, weight 271grams, price £22 per pole.

Terra Nova’s dual-purpose Unipod combines all the properties of a professional standard trekking pole with an innovative camera mount for quality outdoor photographic results.  The stylish three-part pole features a maximum adjustable height of 160cm to allow photographic flexibility with the top of the handle unscrewing to reveal a camera mount.

Stats: packed length 63cm, weight 310 grams, price £30 per pole.

Finally, Terra Nova’s Speed Hike poles are lightweight, adjustable poles designed for the fast-growing sport of Nordic walking. The two-section poles are sold as a pair and feature shaped neoprene padded wrist straps for extra comfort and support.

Stats: maximum adjustable length 142cm, packed length 82cm, weight 259g (each), price £45 per pair.

Terra Nova spokeswoman, Carolyn Budding said: “The technology of trekking poles has advanced rapidly in recent years and keen walkers can now find equipment which is tailored to their specific needs.

“The important features to look out for when buying trekking poles are:

  • Conserve energy and think lightweight. You need strength in the poles to bear your weight, but not the added burden of burning energy by carrying a heavy pole. Look out for 7075 aluminium which has a high strength to weight ratio.
  • Do your poles need to travel abroad or even stow away in a rucksack? Consider buying folding or adjustable poles for easy storage.
  • Look at how easy the poles are to alter. Poles with clip locks offer easy adjustment even when wearing gloves.
  • The comfort of the grip of a pole is paramount. Try a T-bar or shaped handle for comfort and choose soft fabric wrist straps.”

Terra Nova’s trekking pole range is available in stockists across the UK. For details of your nearest stockists visit or call 01773 837387.