Updated BFM service makes access to legal advice easier for members



The British Furniture Manufacturers has updated its legal advice service, offering members access to industry-leading support geared up to the specific needs of the sector.

The BFM Commercial Legal Helpline has been revised to ensure the service offered remains of significance and value to members.

Company law, commercial agency, contracts, consumer rights, partnerships, IP, property and matters under the Law of Tort are all included, along with information on the Data Protection, Freedom of Information and Equality Acts.

Nick Garratt, managing director of BFM, said: “This is an important benefit for those in BFM membership.

“The commercial legal helpline puts members in contact with a team of legal advisers through a phone call.

“Unfortunately, it is only when things go wrong that the real importance of this service becomes invaluable, but it is there to solve problems before they become an issue.”

More information on the service is available at

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